Lean training

Lean training or Lean workshop tailored to your needs

Looking for more information? We introduce you to not only the methods of lean (Six Sigma, Kaizen), but also explain why you may choose any of them. We do this through evaluating real life situations and bringing relevant examples to help you to get a grip of their essence and advantages.

Readiness check

Readiness check » Training » Transformation
Are you ready for adopting lean?

Would you like to use the lean methodology successfully in the development of your services?
We assess whether your company is ready for the implementation. If the answer is yes, we prepare a roadmap and determine the appropriate sequence of steps of successful introduction. In case the assessment showed that lean would not deliver significant business value to your organization we would not recommend the implementation but leverage our professional experience in other ways.


Readiness check » Training » Transformation
Once you are sure that lean is the ideal solution for you.

Our consultants who have gained versatile experience in lean transformation of companies in the service sector will guide you through this complex process. They will help you achieve the ideal results through training sessions, consultancy and coaching activities, continuously supporting your organization at different levels.

Lean Audit

Lean? » Lean Audit
You have been using lean, but still waiting for the major breakthrough?

If your company has already adopted lean, it works but does not deliver the envisioned great results then Lean Audit is the ideal solution to find out why is this so.
We examine where and how could the processes be improved and propose solutions.

Advanced lean

Lean » Advanced Lean
If you already experienced the power of lean, we help you go further

We are convinced that lean can provide further opportunities for you. We will find these areas and propose solutions how you could further improve your organisation.


If you have already been using lean, but have questions

If you have already started to implement lean, but need help in facilitating your complex processes, we can help you. Our highly experienced consultants will apply their practical knowledge through independent and objective view of your situation to find the best-fitting solution.

Are you interested?

Switch to lean!

It‘s time to switch to lean! Have you been using lean already but something is just missing? Contact us.